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October 18 2017

October 17 2017

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Bium (koreański)- puste miejsce w sercu, czekające na wypełnienie.
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“Polly Jean, I love you. I love the texture of your skin, the taste of your saliva, the softness of your ears. I love every inch and every part of your entire body. From your toes and the beautifully curved arches of your feet, to the exceptional shade and warmth of your dark hair. I need you in my life, I hope you need me too.”

- Nick Cave in letter to PJ Harvey

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daintonight: Gifs from Loving Vincent - finally coming out today!!

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October 16 2017

October 13 2017

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Motivational work poster on our lab wall.

Text: Science is like sex; it has practical uses, but that’s not why we do it.

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Maegami Mami aka マエガミマミ aka Mae Gami Mami (Japanese, b. Gunma prefecture, Japan) - Illustration for Magazine VERY December issue.

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October 12 2017

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